Pest Services Offered

Ants – Spiders – Roaches – Ticks – Fleas – Bed Bugs – Ear Wigs – Rodents – & many other pests

Residential single family homes, condos, multi-level buildings / Commercial office – Apartments – Restaurants – Day Care

.        One-Time Pest Cleanout Services – Spray along interior baseboards of entire home. (if accessible) spray exterior of perimeter of home– Also offer a fogging interior treatment(more preparation is needed) We treat the interior of your home, including every room & closet, and garage. Exterior we power spray a 10 ft. band around your homes perimeter, treating the foundation bushes and weep holes. Then we treat under the eaves, under decks and around patios & storage sheds.

·         Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly Services, One Time Service – Exterior treatments to protect your home from high populations of pests. De-webbing is available for an additional charge.

·         Rodent Service – includes a thorough home evaluation, and then setting out numerous traps or baiting. Our technician returns up to three times during a 30 day period to remove captured animals and to re-set traps. A separate bid for sealing off openings in the structure can be given upon request.

·         Bed Bug Control – Combinations of chemical are used to effectively remove all parasitic Bed Bugs from your home. Pricing depends on the number of rooms needing treatment.

·         Flea & Tick Control – Inside or/and outside chemical treatments. Our adulticide products are chosen for their safety to your pets and family, as well as for their ability to effectively control adult biting fleas & ticks. Growth Regulator products are included to keep deposited eggs from developing.





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